Alternative Strategies 20 Year Anniversary (2000-2020)

Alternative Strategies

As Alternative Strategies celebrates its 20-year anniversary, it feels like the right time to express my gratitude and share some thoughts and introspection.

As I reflect upon two decades of success, I know for certain that having a supportive team — and a cherished family of past and current clients, vendors, and partners — has made reaching this milestone possible. My team knows they can come always approach me to discuss anything, and that I’ll roll up my sleeves to do what it takes to help them succeed. I offer the same attention to clients, especially during these unprecedented times.

Through my ongoing sincere efforts to listen, I’ve become equipped to solve many problems and issues, a skill which has helped my staff and clients reach important personal, professional and financial milestones.

It’s gratifying to think that, over the years, Alternative Strategies has represented industries that have been the hardest hit in times of uncertainty. We navigated through 9/11 with travel and hospitality clients, who we helped jump through hoops to foster their survival. Then there was the Great Recession, when real estate was our number-one-served industry. 

Today, we find ourselves in the clutches of COVID-19, with bars and restaurants making up 90 percent of the agency’s client list. If I didn’t know better, I’d think we were jinxed. 

But then I step back and realize that I am right where I should be: in this position of helping businesses pull themselves up by the bootstraps to journey forward through uncertain times.

Marketing and public relations have changed significantly since 2000, but our industry is still people-driven, which is the aspect of this business that I am most passionate about. Having the opportunity to be a collaborative, hands-on leader has fulfilled me, and I look forward to growing my relationships with every person who plays a part in the agency’s primary goal: successfully branding and amplifying the success of our clients’ amazing businesses.

What I’ve gleaned from 20 years is this: Be humble. Remember your roots. Work hard. Credibility is crucial – the importance of maintaining your reputation cannot be overstated. Do the right thing, even if it’s not always the easy thing. Don’t be intimidated by change. It’s easy to get into the habit of doing things the way they were done yesterday, especially if yesterday seemed to go well. Be willing to disrupt and innovate. Remember the days when you let your imagination run free. Earn the role you’ve been given (and the role you aspire to) every day. Treat each interaction and every person with the same respect and preparation that you’d expect to receive. And, finally, use every opportunity to learn, grow and thrive, especially when the going gets tough.

Despite the unprecedented difficulties we’re all experiencing now, I think the months and years ahead hold promise. Our resourcefulness, coupled with creative and clever alternative ideas, will shape that future.

– William Lopez, Principal.